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Cultural Cross-Pollination In The Music Industry

      inShare   What Is Cultural Cross-Pollination? Let's begin with something that almost all of us deem to be true. Fundamentally, art and culture are influenced by the exchange and sharing of ideas. And, as music can be seen as an expression of the culture present...

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Evolution Of A German Pop Star Into International Superstar

    Helene Fischer is one of the biggest names in a music genre that the German’s refer to as “Schlager”. The German Pop Star has ranked ahead of well-known celebrities such as Celine Dion and Britney Spears in Forbes’ list of the highest paid women in music. Yet so...

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Is It Ever Too Early To Follow Your Dreams?

Entering The Industry Globally there have always been the same concerns when talent enters the industry young. However, we've found a common theme throughout these concerns and that is; a lack of support, a lack of guidance and a lack of structure. It seems that a...

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Funkhaus Berlin – The largest music-related facility in the world and where you’ll find our official base of operations.

With us putting a huge emphasis on fostering creativity, it’s the ideal place to make the ultimate creative playground for music creators come to life.

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