Systematically Developing Future Superstars

Systematically Developing Future Superstars

Specials & Events

The show that gives emerging and well-known special guests a platform to tell their whole story, what they’ve learned along the way, and much much more. Coming late April.

Giving a select few upcoming vocalists and rappers the chance to win unforgettable experiences and the chance of a lifetime. Now live and ready for submissions!

News & Media

Modern Entertainment Companies & The World of K-Pop

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On Our Approach And The Beauty of Our “Magic Triangle”

Welcome to yet another important part of the “INSIDE BLACK ONE” series. The goal of this series is to give you an exclusive sneak peek into our approach and a better understanding of our underlying processes. Additionally, you’ll learn how our approach is unique and...

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Our Headquarters


Funkhaus Berlin – The largest music-related facility in the world and where you’ll find our official base of operations.

With us putting a huge emphasis on fostering creativity, it’s the ideal place to make the ultimate creative playground for music creators come to life.

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