A platform

for stardom.


Black One Entertainment is one big creative playground for talented individuals. A hub for creation and innovation, mindblowing content and futuristic technologies.

From branding & marketing, world-class management to unprecedented talent development. Our all-encompassing facility provides our artists and trainees with consistent support as they transform into the next wave of super idols.


Global By Definition

We’re based in Berlin with strong ties to the UK, Asia and the United States. We develop talent on-site but focus on establishing our artists (and their content) in international markets.


All-encompassing Platform

Our holistic and fully supportive system combines best practices from the west and far east; creating one modern integrated entertainment label. 


360° Artist Development

Artists are prepared for successful careers. We’re not prescriptive in what we teach – we simply frame, support and amplify our trainee’s natural sensibilities. 

We streamline and systemize the process from discovery to commercial success.

Black One Academy

It’s no secret that providing the right structure, training and resources to an artist advances their career. However, rarely do you come across a platform or system that does exactly just that.

Our Academy is specialized in talent development and provides a full process as well as infrastructure to help our trainees flourish. We run two distinctively different tracks: Artist Accelerating and Artist Building.

Black One Music

After the trainees have successfully gone through either the Building or Accelerating track, we offer the best of the best a chance to debut and become part of our greater ecosystem; namely Black One Music. 

Once signed as an artist (or group constellation), we now focus heavily on specific content production as well as systematically growth hacking their brand.


360° Brand Monetization

We go beyond conventional music and video monetization. Building an extensive ecosystem of brands, products, and experiences is where we excel.


Fairer Deal Structures

Despite our substantial involvement in the success of the artists, we believe, that they should still retain their master recording rights.


Small Artist Roster

We pride ourselves on working very closely with every artist. After all, we developed them. Keeping a small roaster helps us do exactly that.

Next Generation Entertainment.

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