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It’s no secret that providing the right structure, training and resources to an artist advances their career. However, rarely do you come across a platform or system that does just exactly that.

In some cases, you have institutions that provide a framework where one can learn how to utilize tools in order to produce music, become a DJ and so on. And if one desires to become knowledgeable in those areas they’re great resources to do so.

On the other hand, for most people and talented individuals such a space will simply not be sufficient enough. We believe that it’s key to holistically create programs around the person. Instead of trying to fit a person into the program.

First and foremost, we inspire creativity and help the artists develop their taste, mindset and skill set. This is the key foundation for developing sustainable and long lasting artist careers.

Now let’s dive a bit deeper into what it is our Academy exactly focuses on…

What Does Our Academy Do?

Our Academy is the training ground for our trainees and students.

We provide a full process as well as infrastructure to help the artists flourish.

Alongside we also offer the best of the best a chance to debut and become part of Black One Records; given that they successfully go through our system.

Furthermore, the intention of the Academy is to provide a sandpit within which artists can play with the rich resource of tools that our planet’s modern global experience can offer.

We’re not prescriptive in what we teach – we simply frame, support and amplify the artists’ natural sensibilities.

How The Building Track Works

Better described as the ‘Artist Development Track’, the objective of this track is to ensure that all artists that pass through the Academy know exactly how to run their own artistic process.

This is from the concept, all the way through to the distribution of their work.

At first glance, one might need a minute to fully process what exactly this means and how valuable it is.

In order to become one of our trainees, the aspiring talent has to be invited to one of our Auditions.

Here we’re able to assess their baseline of talent and potential. This is crucial as we’ll recommend the next steps to take.

The Black One Academy Experience

After being accepted into the Academy the trainee will now embark on a 6 – 18 Month journey.

Important also, we cover the accommodation and all basic living expenses of the trainee.

We think it’s necessary for the artists to be focused on executing. Not surviving.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Once everyone is settled in, the trainees then start with day to day procedures.

The first step is to instil knowledge, confidence and the right mindset into our trainees. This is then simultaneously accompanied by intensive “learning by doing”.

We believe that one of the best ways to effectively learn new skills and building great habits is by studying (25%) and then putting it into action (75%).

All of a sudden, the process of re-invention is exciting as opposed to daunting.

The process of music distribution is understood and not a mystery. And so on and so on…

The more aware an artist is about the entire process, the more they can master it and use it to maximise the potential of their creative projects.

What To Expect To Learn At The Academy:

Here we’ll give you an insight into some of the things one should expect to learn and do while being developed:

Social Media:

         – content

         – tone

         – different mediums

         –  strategy


         – style

         – philosophy

         – message

         – re-branding


         – goal setting

         – breaking down the goal

         – visualisation


        – simple music theory and studio equipment use

        – understanding the process of a song

        – dictating the vibe in sessions

        – Communication with music professionals


        – understanding hooks and vocal melodies 

        – song arrangement and structure

        – writing lyrics and finding your edge

        – the difference between good and great records


    Basics of How to Market and Release Records

    Content Creation



The artist becoming confident in their abilities will crush any resistance holding back innate creativity, belief and global success. They will receive extensive training and support in:

   – singing

   – rapping

   – dancing & choreography

   – live performance

Artist Accelerating:

Now that we’ve explored the development (building) system, it’s time to take a look at the accelerating track.

The key differentiator between the two tracks is simply how ready (established) the artist is and the length of the process (less than 6 months).

Artists that have already built a good fan base, have a better idea of what their brand is and where they want to go. However, still haven’t reached the heights that they want to. These are the types of artists you’ll find being accelerated.

Let’s break down the actual process…

The first course of action during the acceleration process is to extensively evaluate where exactly that artist is at in their career.

Following that we then, in great detail, map out what they’ve done so far. What they have going for themselves. Lay out what they’ve done well and should continue to do. Then on the flipside show them where there is still room for improvement.

Once we’ve collaboratively established that basic framework with the artist, we move into creation and execution.

Content Creation And Execution

First off, brand identities are constructed.

These delve into the artist’s sound (and where it can go), musical influences, competitors as well as their personality, style and look, target audience, and their message.

Of course, depending on how much groundwork the artist has done themselves, these can either be rather brief or incredibly detailed.

Through having these things in place, we’re now able to go into the production of high-quality content and develop sustainable, smart marketing plans.

These include an overall social growth strategy and become their blueprint on how to build awareness and brand equity around their music in a way that elevates demand as well as content consumption.

Moreover, we make sure that they’re consistently working on music with the right people inside our facilities.

Creating exceptional content is one of the keys to exponentially accelerating their growth.

If any of this has peaked your interest and you believe becoming part of our system would greatly benefit you don’t hesitate to contact us:

audition@blackone-entertainment or check out our audition site.

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