For artists.

Co-Create. Accelerate. Grow without boundaries.

Introducing Black One’s answer to the traditional music company. Built for emerging or established artists wanting to make an even bigger impact in the digital age — without signing their soul away.

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Artists needs are changing.

Today's fast-paced digital world has changed the music industry. Now artists need a different path to build and sustain a career.






The upgrade artists want.


Creative Spaces

Access to studios, equipment, your team—all in one place.

Fairer Contracts

Along with more ownership and transparency.

Holistic Support

Not expecting the artist to figure it all out themselves.

The system artists need.

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Unparalleled support.

Built to grow your brand at every stage.


World-class creative backing.


Majority ownership, more profit.


Data-driven marketing & strategy.

Are you ready to make an impact as an artist?
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Common Questions.

Below you’ll find some of the most frequently asked questions we get on a daily basis. Something not covered? Then send us an email to

For Artists.

Who is eligible?
  • You already have released your own existing content and built an audience/listenership
  • Optimally: You have performed already gigs and/or concerts
  • Optimally: You already make (some) income from above mentioned activities as an artist
  • Optional: you already have on top a management and/or label contract
  • Optional: any other experience in the entertainment world e.g. participating in a TV audition show etc.
  • Open to all genres, backgrounds, individuals or groups (bands) and age groups
What do you look for in an artist?

We look for three things. The certain X-Factor or edge that makes you interesting as an artist and person, second proven skills and also far more important a mindset open to  “coaching” and also a fit with our culture and community and an understanding of the concept of “Co-Creation”. See also in the second column “What is meant by Co-Creation?”.

I already have a manager and/or label? Can we work also together?

Sure, since we are open to artists that can bring already a team with them but at the same time, we do not expect you to have a full-fledged team or other certain things to bring along.

And we are open to also cross-label and cross-management work.  Please refer your representatives to the “For Business” category, if you want them to learn more and be involved. Or simply reach out and we will see what we can do for you since it is a case-by-case basis.

Do you accept all nationalities and ethnicities?

Yes. We are open to all nationalities and ethnicities.

Do I have to relocate?

As a baseline, Black One is primarily looking for artists that want to be based primarily or big parts out of the year in Europe, especially here in Berlin, which is a vibrant and strongly growing creator’s hub with one of the highest living qualities worldwide.

In the optimal case, you would use our “creative playground” consisting of facilities and services and the community here for certain periods out of the year, since we think nothing is more powerful than having the right environment and creators around you every day.

And the more advanced you are already into a career, this can be on top coordinated with your international activities with your existing management and/or label. It is a case-by-case thing and we make sure to tailor something very specific and custom for each artist, since there is no standard-it-fits all answer.


What do I get as an artist?

Get accelerated and get ready for massive professional and personal growth by getting:

  • Access to the ultimate creative space
  • Access to the Black One creative team, creative services, and community
  • Holistic care and support at Black One Campus
  • Business & Brands as a Service (monetization and expansion of your brand)
  • Combinable with existing management/label/team
  • Optional: management services
  • Optional: creative services advance and/or capital advance
  • and much more…

Overall, everything is being tailored to a case-by-case basis since the needs can be always slightly different.  Talk to us to learn more.


What is meant by Co-Creation?

We created the term of “Co-Creation” ourselves since we think terms like “collaboration”, “partnership” etc. are way too overused, vague and unspecific to what we actually offer here. Co-Creation stands for our hands-on approach where we do not leave you out alone in the dark and expect you to do, organize, and create everything yourself. Make seamless use of our creative spaces, creatives, and/or invite the team you already have. All this creates the ultimate holistic environment, and most importantly high-quality content creation, as well as personal growth, all become a part of the daily regimen, not an anomaly.

How do the contracts look?

We are tailoring everything to the needs and specific situation of an artist so there is no set template. But also look at below question “What’s the catch” to see why we can afford to give out very unique and artist-friendly conditions that no traditional player can do.

What's the catch?

There is literally none. First, as a modern integrated entertainment company, we are not forced to make revenues just by the music itself, allowing ourselves much more freedom and flexibility when compared to traditional players. And we believe that the ultimate creative playground and environment will bring you much further along in your career and trajectory than simply borrowing a huge advance. Hit us up to learn more.

About Black One.

How are you different to a traditional music label?
We define ourselves as a modern integrated entertainment company that has the mission to build the ultimate ecosystem for top talent in music. How? By combining holistic systems and frameworks with psychological and physiological care and support, access to the ultimate creative environment and creative services at Black One Campus and by generating the biggest bulk of revenues by building brands and businesses (as a service) around and for the artists and not by being forced to take the major share of royalties. And together we build one exciting world of content, products, and experiences.
Where are you located?

We are located in Berlin, Germany. One of the most international cities in the world, where you do not even need German to get by since English is the second language here. Berlin is ranked regularly to be one of the cities with the highest living quality worldwide. And many who come here do not want to leave anymore after a while. 

I still have questions?

Simply hit us up with your question at and also do not forget to submit your music on this page.

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