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This is where you’ll find information regarding our contests and where you have the chance to be one of our first official trainees. You can apply at any time below.

Black One streamlines the fragmented journey from discovery to success.

Our Academy and Music divisions are at the core of what we do. They work in synergy to create an infinite loop of talent developing into superstars. It is an art in itself. A talent incubator that is ever-evolving and renewing.

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Common Questions.

Below you’ll find some of the most frequently asked questions we get on a daily basis. If you want to ask us questions directly please do so through our official Tellonym account here.

About Auditions.

How can I get feedback on my audition?

For now, we do not offer feedback on applications. So, if you do not receive a mail within 2-3 weeks after applying that we want to talk more with you, consider this application unsuccessful. 

Do you accept all nationalities and ethnicities?

Yes. We are open to all nationalities and ethnicities.


Is there a minimum or maximum age? Am I too young or old?

The current minimum age has been set to 15.

Even though there is no maximum age we have a preferred eligible age as specified in “Eligibility”. If you are older, you need to be able to show much more compared to younger applicants, or also look into the “For Artists” category.

Why?: Since like for many other fields like also professional sports the earlier you start and have certain skills already the better. Because then there is more time to build you a career, which takes at least 5-10 years. And keep in mind, there is lots of competition in this field and you are also ranked necessarily against others.

What do you look for in an audition video?

We have no set rules. We want to see your creative freedom. And is your mission to show and convince us with your skills, character, and potential. You can show us how you just sing or dance or best both or on top of any other special skills. Follow the audition form which also asks how you would rate yourself in those different skill categories.


  • Keep it short (1-2 Minutes in total)
  • A few sentences about yourself
  • No extra video editing/effects
  • Make sure we also see your face
  • Do not edit singing with autotune
What happens if I pass the audition?

Make sure to have a look at our six-phase process. If we find your audition interesting, we will contact you, jump on video calls, and give you “homework” with different challenges.

If you pass that successfully, we will invite you to our “Selection Bootcamp” in Berlin, Germany. There you will train for 4-6 weeks among others and the best will be offered a traineeship contract. Only then the real fully-sponsored training starts up to a debut.

How often can I audition? Is there a deadline?

You can audition as many times as you want. But we strongly advise to leave at least 6-12 months of time in between where you should focus on improving your skills in vocal, dance or both, especially if your first audition was not successful.

There is no deadline. We are looking for talented individuals for years and years to come.

About Traineeship.

Will I have to move if accepted as a trainee?

Yes, it is to required to be willing to relocate to Berlin, Germany first for the training period which lasts optimally from 12-24 months, but can also be longer.

As a baseline, Black One is casting talent to be based primarily in Europe and should be made big globally from here. And we also think a global artist should be able to feel home anywhere and will travel long periods around the globe.

And the more advanced into a career and in certain cases also right from the beginning an artist or group may be assigned and moved to a specific territory e.g. USA, UK after debut where local partners and possibly a label will take over co-management responsibilities. We take everyone’s wishes but also strategic reasons into account when deciding above.

From time to time and regularly 1-2 times per year everyone comes back to Black One Campus to refresh their training and to also make use of the facilities to produce new content in-between tours and to also rest. Compare it to a university, which you also normally feel a deep, proud bond with for a long time even after “graduation”.

What if I'm still in school?

No problem. If we see someone has outstanding talent then there is a way to make it work. There are plenty of schooling and education offerings here in Berlin. For underage talent, a solution will be worked out together with the parents.

How long does the training process last?

Realistically less than 2 years. Like other big industry players: we won’t train talent forever and then let them go. It makes no sense to us. If you are accepted into Black One, you have real talent and we think you could be able to do it as a career. Only if someone commits really bad stuff, one is let go.

What are the costs of the traineeship?

If you have made it all the way into a traineeship all costs are covered. Obligations but also rights are all set out in a professional “Traineeship contract”.

Do all trainees debut?

No. Having signed a trainee contract does not give any guarantee that you will debut. If a trainee fails to develop as expected or commits bad things a trainee contract can be canceled. This is only the last option, since all trainees are funded fully by Black One, so it is in our interest to pick only those which we know will be able to go the full way together with us.

About Black One.

Where are you located?

We are located in Berlin, Germany. One of the most international cities in the world, where you do not even need German to get by since English is the second language here. Berlin is ranked regularly to be one of the cities with the highest living quality worldwide. And many who come here do not want to leave anymore after a while. 

Do you make K-Pop?

No, of course not. We are a Western-based entertainment company. We produce content for global audiences primarily in English, which does also not mean it can not be popular in Asia.

We believe the future to be very much multicultural.

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