About Black One Audition

Welcome to Black One Entertainment’s official audition platform.

Our mission is to produce the next generation of groundbreaking solo, duo artists and boy- and girl groups. We cast from all over Europe and beyond (Asia, US etc.)

Learn more about our culture and development approach here.

Who are we looking for?


– Solo Artist, Duo or Group

– Vocal, Dance or Multitalent

– Male & Female

– Minimum Age 14+

– Nationality: Any

What's in it for you?

Have the opportunity to:

– Become one of the first fully sponsored trainees at Black One Academy (opening in 2019)

– Possibly sign and exclusively debut with Black One Entertainment

– Get more in-depth information here.

Application Process

Apply online first! It’s the 1st step of the auditioning process.

The online submissions most in line with what we’re looking for will have the opportunity to come in for a face-to-face meeting.


Does it cost anything to audition?

No. The audition is 100% free*. Just apply and if you receive an invitation (including all of the specific information) you may attend.

*(We do not cover or reimburse any costs associated with getting to the audition).

When will I hear back about my submission?

Due to the large volume of submissions, we are unable to review and respond to every single one of them instantly. However, we can assure that every submission received is reviewed.

Nonetheless, you should keep in mind that ONLY if you have been selected to participate in the audition will we contact you via E-mail with an official invitation and further information. Depending on when you submit this may happen up until 5 days before the audition.

What should I upload when I apply for the audition?

Depending on what type of category your act fits into either a video or audio file (vocalists only) and a good picture of you will be required for us to decide who receives an invitation to the audition and who doesn’t.

If you fail to upload any files that showcase your skills we won’t be able to consider you for the audition. Another option is for you to submit a link to your personal Website or an active Social Media Page (Youtube, Instagram, etc.) which exhibits your talent.

Can I still come if I don't live in Berlin?

Of course! However, make sure that you’ve applied and recieved an invitation from us first before thinking of coming to Berlin.

Also, it goes without saying that if you’re selected as a participant in the audition, you must be willing to travel at your own expense to the location.

How much time will I have during my audition?

You’ll be given between 3 – 5 minutes to audition. Please keep in mind that this is YOUR opportunity to show us your talent, so please come prepared. Our online pre-selection process already narrows down all submissions to the Top 50 contestants.

Practice your audition ahead of time so we see the best and most exciting parts of your performance. The judges reserve the right to modify allotted times for auditions at their sole discretion.

I'm under 18. Can I still audition?

We encourage all under 18All minors coming to the audition (contestants and supporters) must have permission from their parents or legal guardian to attend and should be accompanied by their parent or their legal guardian.

Can I bring my friends and family?

Family and friends are encouraged to attend the open call auditions with the Performer – however, they are not allowed in the audition room unless the Performer is a minor

Any supporter, 18 years or older, will not be allowed in the audition room unless they are part of your act, or are helping with equipment. All of your supporters will remain in the holding area, and you will be able to meet up with them when your audition is over.

Whether you are a contestant, friend or family member, EVERYONE  will be required to present a photo ID in order to enter the audition venue.

What if I won't be able to make it to this audition?

If you already know that you will not be able to make it to this audition or you cannot expense the travelling costs to Berlin after receiving an invitation, don’t worry.

If you submitted a couple of videos, pictures, audio, etc. we will count your application as an ‘online submission’.

At the end of the day what matters is your talent. We will have many auditions coming in the future. As long as we have your submission and we think you have potential we will keep you in mind and reach out to you.

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I've received an invitation to the audition. What now?
First of all. Congratulations! Just make sure that you follow these guidelines on what to prepare:

If you’re planning on singing you should have a verse and chorus prepared, so please start off with your strongest. Remember that you can choose any part of the song to perform, so pick the part that best shows off your vocals. Please have a cover song prepared as well if you choose to sing an original. We ask that you bring a backing track but you should be prepared to sing acapella as well.

If you’re planning on dancing make sure your choreography is tight and you bring lots of energy. Incorporating tricks and new, unique choreography is always a great way to stand out to the judges. Another good way to show your personality and uniqueness is with your wardrobe/costume. If you’re a big group it’s always a good idea to dress in your team uniform or another fun costume.

Please bring your music on a smartphone/tablet or any other device that can be plugged in via an auxiliary cord. Please make sure the music is NOT streaming from the internet on your device- must be downloaded.

It goes without saying that you should arrive on time and have with you all relevant paperwork as well as your Passport/Photo ID.

I'm still in school. Does it make sense for me to apply?

We encourage everyone to apply regardless of their current school or living situation. However, it’s important to note that the best auditions of 2018 will be given a fully financed traineeship contract for Black One Academy (2019).

This means that if you’re willing, you’ll become a fully sponsored student of ours and we cover things like accommodation, training and the development of your skills. This of course also means moving to Berlin for that period. We’ll obviously help you with the relocation process.

Minors who still need to go to school have the possibility to go to a school in Berlin and will be receiving basic education on our campus. There is always a way if needed.

So what are

you waiting for?

Do you have what it takes to become the next superstar?