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Event Recap: Our First Artists & Creatives Bootcamp

Recapping The First Artists & Creatives Bootcamp From the 23rd to the 26th of July 2018, we assembled our very first Artists & Creatives Boot Camp. For this particular project, we partnered with BMG to provide us with some of the best creatives available. The A&C Boot...

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How South Korea Is Disrupting The Modern Music Market

An opinion piece by CEO Klaus H. Wilch Historic Times For K-Pop And The Music Industry Most of you reading this probably haven’t picked up on it yet, but we’re currently witnessing and experiencing a noticeable shift in the modern global pop music scene. The rise of...

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The Importance Of Having A Strict Code Of Conduct

What Most Don't Realise The entertainment business is a fascinating world with its shining celebrity artists and stars, busy managers and all the other cool looking creatives. However, beware and don't be blinded by all the glamour and apparent prestige because where...

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Our First Audition – Behind The Scenes & The Next Steps

    First Black One Audition - 21.7.2018 The first Black One Audition came to a successful finish, leaving us very impressed with the amount of talent that applied. Here is a quick recap for those, who could not attend in person or are curious to see what an audition...

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What Are Our Values And How Does Our Culture Work?

What Makes Some Companies Really Successful And Grow For Decades? It comes to no surprise that, in the end, it's not just about the amount of money, apparent "groundbreaking technology" or something else you might find some "business insider" yapping on about that...

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Meet Our Head Of Development – Charlie Gavins [Interview]

We're honoured to welcome an exciting addition to our team. He has an incredible track record of working with some of the top artists in the world. He's helped the likes of Calvin Harris, NERO, Blonde and Deadmau5, to achieve some of the biggest awards that the...

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Can You Master These Korean Dance Moves? – Easy To Hard

Interesting outfits, catchy lyrics, and awesome dance moves are all part of the amazing world of K-Pop. One of the main aspects that make this industry so successful is the memorable dance moves performed by K-Pop. The signature dances within particular songs are...

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Exploring Our Two Artist Tracks – Accelerating vs. Building

It’s no secret that providing the right structure, training and resources to an artist advances their career. However, rarely do you come across a platform or system that does just exactly that. In some cases, you have institutions that provide a framework where one...

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Artists & Creatives Boot Camp [Press Release]

What is the A & C Boot Camp? We’re happy to announce our first ever Black One boot camp. But what exactly are we trying to accomplish with them? And what does the structure for them look like? First off, this boot camp, of the many more to come, will be focusing on...

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Meet Our Head Of Video – Iñigo Urrestarazu

We're growing at a very fast pace! Through this series of posts, you'll get to know our talented team members that work behind the scenes to bring Black One to life. Say hello to our Head of Video Production, Iñigo Urrestarazu and let’s get to know him better! What Do...

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What Do You Really Know About Girl Groups?

We took a quick look at some of the biggest all-female acts of the last century, focusing specifically on commercial success.   The Supremes The Supremes were one of the most (if not the most) successful girl groups of all time. It was at the end of 1965 that they...

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An Exclusive With The Founders [Interview]

Hi there! Welcome to our first blog post. In order to make it easier for people to get an idea of what's going on at BLACK ONE and understand our culture, we thought it would be useful to create the "Inside BLACK ONE ENTERTAINMENT" blog series. Through reading this...

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Revealing The Unusual Truth About ‘One Hit Wonders’

"Who Let The Dogs Out" by the Baha Men, “It’s Raining Men” by The Weather Girls, “I Want Candy” by Bow Wow Wow, “Somebody That I Used to Know” by Gotye… Everybody once hummed these songs when they were current. However, the names behind these hits are long forgotten.”...

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Top-Earning Boy Bands – Odd Facts That Blew Our Minds

Pop music is being manufactured and consumed at a rate that has never been experienced before. It is the only genre to see its earnings grow steadily over the past five years, nearly doubling from $402 million USD in 2012 to $800 million USD in 2016.  Collaborations...

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Black One Entertainment – Our Brand Identity [Explained]

Sometimes people ask us what our name 'BLACK ONE ENTERTAINMENT' means and where it came from. If you're one of those curious few then keep on reading as we wrote up this post for you...   Colour & Meaning First of all, our name is practically a word-colour-sound play....

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NEW Netflix Series Explores The K-Pop Phenomenon

    What's This New Netflix Series? "Explained” is a new series on Netflix in collaboration with VOX, that focuses on a single new topic every week and makes it understandable to a viewer in a short 20 min episode. The new episode of “Explained” goes into impressive...

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