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First Black One Audition – 21.7.2018

The first Black One Audition came to a successful finish, leaving us very impressed with the amount of talent that applied. Here is a quick recap for those, who could not attend in person or are curious to see what an audition looks like at Black One.

Cool Stats Upfront:

20 Days of Open Submission, 603 Applications, 12 Nationalities including Germany, Sweden, UK, US, Netherlands etc.

We invited 25 solo, duo and group artists in the vocal, dance or multi-talent categories and each contestant or team had 15 minutes for performance and the questions of the Jury. Afterall, they’re really curious to get to know the personalities and stories of the participants.

And we genuinely have to admit that we were impressed by many of the participants, who predominantly taught themselves difficult choreographies and skills in dancing and also singing.

Interestingly, when being asked “Who are your idols and role models?”, most replied the same with “Beyonce, BTS, Michael Jackson, Usher, Chris Brown, Hyuna”. What do all of them have in common? None of them are from Europe…

And this is exactly why BLACK ONE exists because we all agree that these kind of popstars originating from Europe are missing!

But please note: We do not only cast talent from Europe. We cast from all around the world, to create multicultural e.g. Eurasian and global groups. Afterall, music and dance are universal and are understood by all humans in the world.

What The Audition Looked Like

And here some pictures and impressions of the Audition Day. Also, stay tuned for the Official Audition After Movie – coming soon. In the meantime, head over to our Instagram to see some video snippets of Audition Day as well.

What Are The Next Steps After The Audition?

To all that participated, please be patient. By the end of August, we’ll have concluded all internal assessments and will follow up with next steps and online and offline callbacks; if we see true potential.

And don’t be discouraged if you shouldn’t receive an e-mail back from us. You can always apply again and show us your progress.

Moreover, to the ones of you that have never tried singing (maybe due to feeling shy, never having the opportunity or thinking that “my voice just doesn’t sound nice”), we’ve started with the “You Can Sing Challenge!”.

If invited, you’ll be sent instructions and receive access to the BLACK ONE ACADEMY Knowledge Database with many online modules that’ll bring you to a foundational level fast. A quick sneak peek:

When Is The Next Audition?

You can always apply online on our audition website. Head over now to www.blackoneaudition.com.

We check all submissions and if we see potential we’ll be in touch within 14 days. The next “big” open call also with external media, let’s see, no date has been specified yet. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media to get the news right away. Furthermore, we’re also announcing soon a “Singing / Rap Online Contest” soon with Prizes to win. Stay tuned.

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