What is the A & C Boot Camp?

We’re happy to announce our first ever Black One boot camp.

But what exactly are we trying to accomplish with them? And what does the structure for them look like?

First off, this boot camp, of the many more to come, will be focusing on “Accelerating” artists rather than “Building” them.

Essentially, what this means is that instead of us developing complete 4 – 6 month semesters and classes catering towards the individual needs of our Trainees, we shorten the experience to 4 – 6 intensive days of coaching and content creation.

It’s important to note that the actual “Acceleration” of the artists happens over a (minimum) 2 – 3-month period.

However, these short boot camps are an extremely important component of that whole track. They give us the possibility to focus on one of the many aspects of what the artist requires in great detail.

If you want to learn more about our two different approaches in detail, click here.

How Do We Prepare These Boot Camps Successfully?

Moreover, in order for the boot camps to be as rewarding as possible, we make sure that they are completely planned around the artist’s needs.

We do this by analysing the artist’s brand and creating mock-up “brand identities”.

This helps them as well as us to really understand where the artist wants to go, what they need from us to get there, what their general vibe is, and what their values are.

Afterwards, we then break up our “Building” process into its most important parts and extract only the absolute most necessary components that make the most sense.

Again, all of this is crucial for the boot camps to really be tailored to the artist’s requirements.

For our first boot camp, the main focus will be on music and content creation.

Who is Joining and Supporting Us?

We’re inviting 3 very talented artists with large (2.4 Million +) existing fan-bases (aka. “Accelerating Cases”) and providing them with the infrastructure and team that they need.

This, as well as shaping the mindset, ensures the highest quality content possible over a short time period.

In regards to our first boot camp, we’ve secured 12 extremely professional songwriters and producers. For this particular project, we’ve partnered with BMG and Sony ATV to provide us with some of the best creatives available.

All of this support is vital for the artists to meet our high standard of ‘releasable’ content.

As with most things that we do at Black One, the whole 4-day process will, of course, be recorded and released on many different media outlets and platforms.

Our internal Black One Media division will shoot massive amounts of content for the official “Making-Of” that we’ll be releasing shortly afterwards.

Additionally, we’re excited to announce that Sat.1 TV will also be documenting the process for their special on “How to Become a Popstar in 2018”.

Stay tuned for the content that’ll be released over the next weeks and make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to get the latest updates.

If you have any questions send us an email at info@blackone-entertainment.com

Media / Sponsorship Inquiries: partners@blackone-entertainment.com

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