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Recapping The First Artists & Creatives Bootcamp

From the 23rd to the 26th of July 2018, we assembled our very first Artists & Creatives Boot Camp. For this particular project, we partnered with BMG to provide us with some of the best creatives available.

The A&C Boot Camp consisted of a healthy mix of 3 artists, 12 songwriters & producers, and our Team, who all came together for 4 days of intensive content creation at Studio 4 in Funkhaus Berlin.

Sat.1 TV also joined us for a few days in order to document the process for their special on “How to Become a Popstar in 2018”.

Cool Stats Upfront:


3 Artists, 4 Days, 12 Songwriters & Producers = more than 20 songs close to finished.


What Everything Looked Like

And here some pictures and impressions of the A&C Bootcamp. Also, stay tuned for the Official A&C Bootcamp After Movie – coming soon. In the meantime, head over to our Instagram to see some video snippets of the Bootcamp as well.

What Was The Purpose Of The Bootcamp?

These Bootcamps focus on “Accelerating” artists rather than “Building’ them. This ultimately means that instead of Black One developing our new artists for a period of 4-6 months from scratch, we identify specific artists to join us over a period of 4-6 day intensive days of coaching and content creation. It’s important to note that the actual “Acceleration” of the artists happens over a (minimum) 2-3-month period. To further understand the difference between these two tracks, head over to our blog post that outlines everything in detail.

What Was The Bootcamp Like?

It’s safe to say that although the Bootcamp was very intensive and demanding, everyone had a lot of fun.

When you enable creative and talented people to work together, in such an inspiring environment at the Funkhaus, there really is only one thing can happen. The creative juices were flowing and we’re proud of the content that has been created and the relationships that have formed.

Not only were new friendships made, but also connections that’ll be utilized in the future.

How Can I Become Part Of The Next A&C Bootcamp?

If you as a more established and experienced artist or songwriter/producer are interested in working together with us send us an inquiry at info@blackone-entertainment.com

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