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Our first open call is now online. BLACK ONE ENTERTAINMENT is looking for the next generation of groundbreaking solo, duo artists and boy- and girl groups.

First Open Call On The 21st Of July

We’re happy to announce that applications for our first OPEN CALL are now officially open.

All applications that we receive before the 15th of July on will be reviewed.

Black One Audition is the official platform of BLACK ONE ENTERTAINMENT where we openly look for new talent and give people the chance to showcase what makes them special.

Do you sing, dance or best, both? Perfect, we’d like to get to know you! Apply now till the 15th of July!

What’s In It For The Applicants?

Furthermore, it’s important to highlight that it doesn’t matter if you’re already an established artist or still at the very beginning of your career.

We adapt our process to the needs of the individual.

If we see someone we think has the potential to go all the way we’ll provide the right system and structure to maximize their output & growth.

Our Audition platform enables us to find those talented individuals. Below we’ll briefly summarize everything.

Every applicant stands the chance to:

– Become one of the first fully sponsored trainees at Black One Academy (opening beginning 2019)

– Possibly sign and exclusively debut with Black One Entertainment

– Appear on the official Sat.1 TV format recording the whole audition

– Stand in the spotlight as you prove your skills and receive feedback from industry insiders

– Cool prizes for the Top 10 by our sponsors (TBA)

What Makes Black One Entertainment So Special?


We’re on the mission to create the ultimate one-stop platform and creative playground for our artists. 

This “playground” provides upcoming talent access to systematic training, development, management, marketing.

Additionally, we make sure that our artists receive all kinds of psychological support and the infrastructure to nurture and collaboratively develop a long-lasting successful career.

What are you waiting for? Head over to to find out more and apply today!

In case you still have questions send us an email at

Media / Sponsorship Inquiries:

Download the official press release PDF document here.

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