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Helene Fischer is one of the biggest names in a music genre that the German’s refer to as “Schlager”. The German Pop Star has ranked ahead of well-known celebrities such as Celine Dion and Britney Spears in Forbes’ list of the highest paid women in music. Yet so few have heard of her?


Born in Krasnojarsk, Russia, Helene and her family moved to Germany at the age of 4. In the German state of Rheinland-Palatinate, Helene had her first experiences with performing when she participated in theatre and musical courses which she took at a school called Wöllstein.

She achieved an acting qualification at the Stage & Musical School Frankfurt and since then she has had the pride of calling herself a state-certified musical performer. It is clear by now that Helene used her tremendously good vocal and dancing talents, paired with her beauty, to achieve success in a genre that the Germans refer to as “Schlager”. This is an extremely flexible term that they often describe as folk music, or labelled by the general public as Euro-pop, or just… pop.

What Sets Her Apart?

Helene, the German Pop Star, can sing, dance, and on stage, she has what the Americans would call “personality.” Those are the prerequisites. And she has excellent management and a product that is woven around her and speaks to a lot of people.

Her collection of music is filled with catchy hits that are most often synthesizer driven, along with a slew of affecting ballads that cross over into many genres. She usually sings in German, but also sometimes in Russian. Surprisingly, it was Helene’s mother who sent a demo CD to manager Uwe Kanthak, who allowed her the opportunity to produce her first album, “Von hier bis unendlich”(“From here to infinity”).

On Stage

No one can deny the impact of a top-class live performance when going to see an artist at a concert. Helene’s talent extends all too comfortably into her live performances as she combines the art of carefully executed choreography, outstanding vocals and an unique energy that can keep a crowd engaged.

At her concerts, you can expect to see Cirque du Soleil-esque acrobatics that includes her being pulled up out of a jungle gym-like sphere and onto a tether and pole that then rises better than 20 feet above the stage. There, she continues to sing and make gymnastic dance moves while dangling on the grip of a single dancer. These are only some of the risks that are taken by Fischer as she epitomizes everything in the broad sense of entertainment.





From Russia To Riches

Helene has been quoted saying that: “I have no ambition to conquer the English Market,” even though she sits just behind Rihanna on Forbes’ list of the highest-paid woman in music. Helene has sold more than 10 million albums to date and won seventeen ECHOs, seven Goldene Henne awards, three Bambis and two Golden Cameras – a record in each category. She has put the music back in the charts, becoming a German version of Taylor Swift or Shania Twain.

The German singer has an estimated net worth of $185 million. She owes her fortune to smart stock investments, substantial property holdings, lucrative endorsement deals with CoverGirl cosmetics. She also has a few other business ventures which contribute to her astounding success. Helene Fischer is one of the highest paid women in music.

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