Meet Our Head Of Development – Charlie Gavins [Interview]3 min read


We’re honoured to welcome an exciting addition to our team. He has an incredible track record of working with some of the top artists in the world. He’s helped the likes of Calvin Harris, NERO, Blonde and Deadmau5, to achieve some of the biggest awards that the industry has to offer. Say hello to our Head of Talent Development, Charlie Gavins. 

What Do You Do At BLACK ONE?

Charlie Gavins: I’m designing the artist development processes within the academy and crafting concepts for the initial wave of projects. Once the idea is crystal clear, then we work together as a team to bring those ideas into reality.

Why Did You Join?

Charlie: The need for a company like this is clear – the market doesn’t provide the dynamic development tools that modern artists require. Iterative, fast, expressive, boundary-challenging whilst grounded in rock-solid systems and processes. The energy, clarity and ambition that Black One possess is something I haven’t yet seen within music and I know our values align.

What Is Your Background?

Charlie: The only master I answer to is music itself but in the process, I have worked with chart-topping, platinum-selling, Grammy-winning artists, predominantly as an artist manager in London and Los Angeles. I have co-founded a marketing and events startup, consulted as an A&R for Universal Records. I love making great things happen.

What Are You Excited About?

Charlie: Helping to create genuinely brilliant and innovative music experiences that are cohesive and powerful in many ways. Built to be sustainable whilst harnessing the fullest potential of the artists and their respective teams. The first truly global acts that deliver strong messages of self-expression and lift people worldwide.

A new age of global star that eclipses history in not only its magnitude but its ability to uplift watchers and listeners, inspiring a new golden generation of self-expression.

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