Meet Our Head Of Video – Iñigo Urrestarazu3 min read


We’re growing at a very fast pace! Through this series of posts, you’ll get to know our talented team members that work behind the scenes to bring Black One to life. Say hello to our Head of Video Production, Iñigo Urrestarazu and let’s get to know him better!

What Do You Do At Black One?

Iñigo Urrestarazu: I am the Head of Video Production & Design at Black One Entertainment. My job is to produce all kinds of audio-visual content, as well as creating unique imagery for the brand. The aesthetic appeal of Black One is really important to me and therefore I’m constantly working on ways to communicate the brand visually.

Why Did You Join?

Iñigo: I joined Black One Entertainment because I truly believe in the project and the team. I met Klaus our CEO through a mutual friend. Klaus started explaining his vision of building this ultimate entertainment powerhouse and I was interested to be a part of his idea. It was also the perfect opportunity for me to further develop my skills and to do what I enjoy and love.

What Is Your Background?

Iñigo: I was born and raised in Madrid and grew up in the Basque Country. Berlin was where I graduated from High School. I’ve always been in love with the idea of becoming a filmmaker, and therefore I went back to Bilbao to further explore my passion.

I learned a lot throughout my time as a freelancer, but I felt kind of stuck. The opportunities where I was based in Spain wasn’t ideal for young people and I also wasn’t enjoying my studies that much. Going back to Berlin was the only option that made sense for me at that time, so I decided to move back and pursue my career goals.

Working as a freelancer in Berlin put me in contact with a lot of talented people, which led to me founding a video production team called Finite Studios.

I’ll never regret coming to this wonderful city.

What Do You Think The Future Will Bring?

Iñigo: There is a lot of excitement in me for what this project could possibly mean for my personal growth as a filmmaker. This is a great opportunity for me to develop my skills in an array of different fields, working with so many talented people in such an inspiring environment. However, the real excitement lies in what we could achieve in the future as Black One Entertainment and the impact we will have on the western entertainment business for years to come.

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