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Profit from the most unique equity token offering (ETO) worldwide coming soon on Neufund

Meet Black One

A fully integrated entertainment company.

Building the ultimate ecosystem that develops young talent into global megastars. And doing so, by adapting South Korea’s unique and proven development approach.

partners & media

Space and infrastructure

The largest music studio complex in the world joined forces with us to build the “Hogwarts for Future Popstars.”

Realizing Black One Campus

Specialized in creating shared brand experiences: emotional, relevant and economically successful.

Growth and fundraising

The first community-owned investment platform, fully integrated with blockchain technology.

our team

Klaus H. Wilch

Klaus H. Wilch

Co-Founder & CEO

Maxim Boelter

Maxim Boelter

Co-Founder & CCO

Suk-hyon paek

Suk-hyon paek

VP of Communications

dawid Szymański

dawid Szymański

VP of Business Development

Min Sung

Min Sung

Senior Growth Manager



Senior Design Director

Wonmin Choi

Wonmin Choi

Head of Asia Pacific

Sophie Milton

Sophie Milton

Lead Visual Design

+ our creative pool of over 20 content experts.

The problem

The music industry is underserving top talent.

More money than ever is being spent to find the next big star. Major labels alone are spending over $4.5+ billion a year to find and sign new artists. Yet, even once signed, 9 out of 10 of these artists still fail.

Why is this happening?

Today’s hyper-connected world has changed how we discover rising stars and consume content. Yet, the market still doesn’t provide the dynamic development tools modern artists need. Iterative, fast, expressive, boundary-challenging whilst grounded in rock-solid systems and processes.

“The days of selling lots of albums are over and we’ve seen the end of it. The music business has to find new routes to nurture and invest in new talent and break them differently. If a business can’t afford to invest in new talent, it’s burning the furniture.”


Take Two Interactive, 2k Games; Former CEO @BMG & COO @20th Century Fox

Our solution

A proven superstar-building ecosystem.

Inspired by the hyper-successful, billion-dollar Korean Pop companies. We adopt the key parts of their modern talent-building approach, fusing them with western nuances. And even more, are now realizing an entire entertainment ecosystem that complements it.

What does this look like?

Combine systematic talent training, management, and label-like services into one supportive development process. With the agility, flexibility, resources, and infrastructure needed for talent to succeed in today’s fast-changing content landscape.

pitch deck

The most comprehensive overview of what Black One is and why it exists.


Dive deep into our Financial Master Sheet to understand our numbers.

one pager

The most important and relevant company information at one glance.

Music content monetization is flourishing worldwide. And the key to success in today’s fast-moving and ever-evolving content world requires a company with the agility and flexibility of an independent and the resources of a major.”


Billionaire Media Mogul

Our opportunity

Within a highly fragmented, growing industry.

Our timing is ideal. Streaming has reinvigorated the music industry. Yet, the search for a realistic solution to the $4.5+ billion “talent-finding” problem remains. Black One fills this void.

K-Pop is approaching peak popularity worldwide.

By now, millions understand how the companies behind their favorite idols work. And even more, are actively looking for similar companies in the West. Black One is what this eager talent finds. Resulting in thousands and thousands of applications regularly. All while many more use our online talent platform to further their careers.

Music Industry: 2017 vs. 2030

Music Industry: 2017 vs. 2030

Source: Goldman Sachs Music Industry Report

Major labels are still run on the system of the ‘Hunger Games’: 19 in every 20 artists do not succeed in their system. I predict that there will be a full restructuring of the three major music companies. It will be very difficult for anyone in this market to justify a $5bn annual cost structure.”


Kobalt Music Group, Kobalt Capital

Introducing a new way to invest in start-ups

Get notified when Black One goes live on Neufund — the revolutionary investing platform. 

“Hit songs are uncorrelated assets that are predictable, reliable and as investible as gold or oil. Now thanks to streaming, the music industry, once again, has its best days in front of it.”

Merck Mercuriadis 

Founder of Hipgnosis Songs Fund; Former Manager: Beyoncé, Elton John, Guns N’ Roses, etc.

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DISCLAIMER: This page is an advertisement and is intended only for informational purposes. A prospectus has been or will be submitted to the competent authority and can be viewed here when available. An approved prospectus is not an endorsement by any financial authority and investors should make an independent decision to invest based on the entirety of the information available in the prospectus.

Here are some common questions about Black One:


How can I invest?

Everything is leading up to a large Equity-Token-Offering (ETO). This, of course, will be done with a fully compliant, legal investment prospectus.

This offering will be powered by and enables us to accommodate both institutional and retail investors. Neufund is a revolutionary and simple way to invest in innovative companies using “equity tokens.” 100% legal, compliant, efficient, and cost-free. 

Learn more about Neufund and what an ETO is here.

What is Neufund?

Neufund is the next generation “NASDAQ of the future,” built on blockchain technology. Worldwide it enables investors of any size to invest in innovative companies with high-growth prospects.

Instead of the hassle usually involved when investing, you can now do so with a click of a button. Equity Tokens are used to function as ‘digital shares’ and are 100% enforceable, legal, secure, and compliant.

Learn even more about Neufund right here.

Why is this a good investment opportunity?

Black One operates within a non-nascent, yet huge and strongly growing market. Inefficiency, fragmentation, and antiquated systems all plague the industry. What does that mean for us? Perfect potential for rapid disruption.

Ontop, we put the highest importance on having a proven business model. Enabling us to reach high revenue regions and break-even quickly. We intend to be a dividend strong share for our shareholders. Sadly, many startups lack a sustainable business model and fail while finding one.

All of this will not only fuel our valuation’s growth but is also just a starting point. In the long-run, we will expand further into M&A and acquire small music-, media- and consumer tech startups. Many have promising tech, yet initially, lack an audience. Spending millions trying to build one with ads and expensive content marketing seems wasteful. But also presents us with massive opportunities for hyper-growth in the future.

Learn more about all of this right here.

When can I invest?

This depends fully on how soon you want to reserve your equity tokens and the amount you intend to invest.First come, first served.

Before the ETO: Fill out our pre-registration form to see if you qualify as a private pre-sale investor. For private pre-sale and traditional investments, we can only accommodate larger minimum investment amounts.


During the ETO: Anyone who is allowed onto the Neufund platform and has successfully run through their KYC process.
What is Black One's target growth / ROI?

A minimum of 5x (500%) in the first 5 years and up to 50x (5000%) in the first 7-10 years.

Keep in mind that these forecasts are non-binding preliminary information. Ultimately, the ROI might turn out to be lower or higher than projected. Yet we’ve taken great care in calculating these numbers based on our peers and market trends.

Learn more in our Financial Master sheet here and see our legal disclaimer here.

What is an Equity Token Offering (ETO)?

An Equity Token Offering is like an “Initial Public Offering,” only on a digital blockchain exchange like Neufund. As a result, Equity Tokens are issued. You can think of these as your ‘shares’ and have the same traits and rights.

ETOs are also a part of the bigger overarching category known as STOs (Security Token Offerings). Here underlying securities/assets are tokenized to allow fractional ownership. All of this ensures fast  small sums, transparency, security and cost-efficient

Read more here.

What is the whitelist process?

The whitelisting process on Neufund is a non-binding reservation of a spot for the public pre-sale.

You can indicate your interest also with an amount you think of investing. This helps the companies to gauge interest and to prevent fraud. Investors have to complete the KYC process (personal details, document upload) before the actual sale.

When does the pre-sale / main-sale start?

Right after the whitelisting process has ended on Neufund.

As our industry is complex, we want to have enough time to educate potential investors about this opportunity.

Once all limited spots are filled on Neufund, we will open up to a public pre- and main-sale.

Make sure to stay up-to-date with the latest updates here.

What payment methods are accepted?

You can invest on the Neufund platform with ETH and/or nEUR.

nEUR represents EUR on Neufund’s platform and can be purchased using EUR via bank transfer. In return for the EUR transferred, the investor will get an equal amount of nEUR.

What are your exit prospects?

First things first, we want to build a great company before anything else. However, we also operate in an industry with high exit probability.

In fact, the music/media industry might even have more M&A activity than pure tech; acqui-hires being the biggest chunk of all M&A in that industry. With the state of today’s music industry, building a really valuable and sell-able company is also more realistic than ever.

Read more on the topic here.

How is your valuation calculated and is it high?

First off, we are doing an “Extended Seed Round”, which in its size is already closer to a Series A.

We are offering up to 3M in equity to the investors at Neufund. Right after the Neufund round, Funkhaus Berlin will come in at a maximum of another 2.5M in space & infrastructure investment. Together this package amounts to a maximum of 5.5M Euro. To accommodate all this investment our valuation needs to have enough room.

Second, we are operating in a huge, proven industry and reaching a minimum of 10-20M Euro in pure royalty revenue within the first 5 years is more than feasible (see the “music hit” economics). The best-case of reaching up to 100M in revenue within the first 5-7 years is more than do-able, especially since we are not bound to music revenues but are expanding into different areas.

Head to the Financial Dossier here to see the detailed calculations.

Black One Ent.

Are you a one-hit-wonder factory?

No. Producing “soulless marionettes” is not what we intend to do. In fact, within our development system, it’s almost impossible.

Fundamentally, one-hit wonders are the record industry’s version of a viral video. A fleeting amusement that briefly entertained enough people to propel them into the charts. And the antiquated label system is set up to create these one-hit wonders.

Currently, a successful debut is usually compromised by record label pressure and pre-mature touring. Most people fail to comprehend how difficult the creative process can be. In particular, if the talent has to figure it all out by themselves (which is the status quo). And ultimately, even though the creative output might just be another part of an artist’s “product line,” it still remains the brand’s fuel.

This is why at Black One, our holistic development approach focuses on nurturing talent within an already creative environment. This is where we excel more than any other industry player. And is the key to ensure the longevity of an artist. Commercial success comprises so many components: marketing, sex appeal, stage presence, press savviness, but the most essential element is arguably being in tune with the mood of the masses – and this is what our environment keeps talent in sync with.

Why are you located in Berlin, Germany?

First of all, the content business is global and we also view it as an “export” product. Therefore, for audiences, it doesn’t matter much where the company is located in the beginning.

Yet, one should definitely be in a place where there is enough creative talent to source from. Luckily Berlin is and has already attracted plenty and is on track to be Europe’s premier creative hub.

Second, London and Berlin are the only entertainment, music, and media hubs within Europe. Berlin to us has the most upward potential out of the two and draws more creative talent.

Germany and Europe are also good test markets to break new music acts. For instance, The Backstreet Boys and many other artists (and hit songs) first got big in Europe before blowing up in their home markets.

How can you compete with major labels?

We don’t see ourselves as direct competitors. Black One has a different approach with a totally different value proposition.

If all an artist wants is cash (as a loan), then a label is the way to go. Of course, one has to have built themselves up to the point where a label feels like they will recoup their investment. Major Labels are musical banks with huge legacy costs to their names. They spend billions every year to find talent. We have the potential to make money while building talent.


Can’t artists do everything themselves nowadays?

Yes and no. Despite technology having made creation cheaper and more accessible, it hasn’t made achieving lasting commercial success much easier. High quality content development will always stay hard and this is where most fail in the long term.

Moreover, it is evident that top talent requires all these to prosper longterm: access to training, (co-) production, industry know-how, to network, capital, and holistic career development/management including physiological and psychological support. Today’s systems simply can’t accommodate this whole complex range.