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What’s This New Netflix Series?

“Explained” is a new series on Netflix in collaboration with VOX, that focuses on a single new topic every week and makes it understandable to a viewer in a short 20 min episode. The new episode of “Explained” goes into impressive depth about the influence Seo Taiji & Boys had on K-pop and where the 5-billion-dollar industry is heading towards.

We at BLACK ONE ENTERTAINMENT were excited when we saw that the latest episode of ‘Explained’ focused solely on the phenomenon of “K-Pop”.

What To Expect In This Episode:

Strap in as you witness the journey of K-Pop. Past and present. Starting off with the origins of this worldwide phenomenon and ending with the K-Pop that we know today.

You’ll quickly realize while watching this episode of “Netflix Explained: K-Pop” that Seo Taiji & Boys, a K-Pop group that made their debut in 1992, were the pioneers of this 5-billion-dollar per year Korean industry. They were extremely fashionable, and it’s even said that they’re the ones that introduced American hip-hop fashion to Korea.

Despite them being frowned upon by the older community, due to their controversial lyrics, which went against the beliefs of Korean culture and society at the time, Seo Taiji & Boys acted as a cultural symbol for change within Korea.

The Big Three:

At this moment we have 3 main big players in this industry: YG Entertainment”, “SM Entertainment” and “JYP Entertainment”.

Big Hit Entertainment”, another big player within the industry, has arguably produced one of the biggest K-Pop groups that this world has ever seen namely, “BTS”. Making massive headlines right across the world, BTS has topped numerous charts, as well as winning the Billboard Music Awards’ top social artist award early in 2017.

Their exciting fan base comes from all around the world. This is due to how relatable the groups are on a global scale. Notice also, how most groups constantly construct their names and songs with the international market in mind.

The end of the episode was particularly thought-provoking: “As K-Pop acts start going outside of the formula, expressing their own ideas about their country and culture, there are millions of fans ready to listen.”

If you’re a Netflix subscriber, do yourself a favour and watch the episode here: Explained: ‘K-Pop’ [NETFLIX]

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