Personal Interview with Louie and Jorge4 min read

Mar 14, 2019 | TEAM

Black One is continuing to grow and we’re happy to welcome our newest team members Louie and Jorge. So without further ado, let’s get to know them!

What Do You Do at BLACK ONE?

Louie van Nieuwenborgh: I mainly co-manage the Vocal / Rap Contest 2019 project, which will see up and coming talent in music compete for valuable career opportunities offered by Black One.  My main tasks include reaching out to prospective partners/sponsors/media and creating & executing an influencer marketing plan. In addition, I do some smaller side-tasks for other projects (e.g. Black One Academy, investor relations).

Jorge Esda: I do Marketing and Business Development at Black One. I try to understand how the human mind works and where music fits into this area.

Why Did You Join?

Louie: The music industry has changed a lot during the past few decades: streaming services have significantly decreased the amount of artists’ royalties whereas concert tickets & branding have become their most valuable sources of income. The all-encompassing, innovative approach (at least for Western standards) at Black One instantly sparked my interest and made me eager to send in an application. This internship allowed me to learn in a hands-on way about growth hacking, networking, pitching and especially project management.

JorgeIn a music industry where data rules the market, Black One is a unique specimen. I believe in the collaboration of the team and in the creative process. They are also core concepts for this enterprise.

I must keep in mind that this is thanks to an initiative of the European Union, which has always been a cornerstone of my academic education and my professional training.

What is Your Background?

LouieAs a kid, I used to pretend I was the male-ish version of Britney Spears (including giving interviews to my parents & hiding from paparazzi in the garden). Apart from that, music has always played an important role in my life. I’m a big fan of the commercial entertainment industry (I can endlessly watch behind the scenes videos of tours & music videos on Youtube), but I can definitely appreciate indie/electronic artists as well. After obtaining my MBA degree I did a marketing internship at Sony Music Belgium, where I was closely involved with the preparation of artists’ upcoming releases & public image. This first industry experience made me eager to move to Berlin and gain more experience within the creative industries. I first did an Artist Management internship at Book A Street Artist, whereafter I ended up at Black One to dive more deeply into the entertainment industry.

Jorge: When I was a child, my brother and I used to stay in the music store for hours. It was during the ’90s and tapes were still a trend. We didn’t buy that many but had precious times together.  That was the beginning of my love for music.

I trained as a Business Manager and a Communication Specialist, but always with an emphasis on arts. I have built my professional career between remote cities: Madrid, Beijing, Istanbul, Kiev and, recently, Berlin. And I have been in charge of many different tasks while working: management, A&R, road management, strategy communications… All of this made me understand the world of art, culture and marketing in a better way.

What Are You Excited About?

LouieOn a personal level, music is something very therapeutic to me and I’d love to keep working within the entertainment industry for as long as I can. I am utterly excited for what the future will bring to Black One – success isn’t built overnight, but I am sure that the hard work of a strong & cohesive team will eventually pay off!

Jorge: Considering that I was more interested in a more artist-centric role in the, I am now ready to discover other dimensions of my professional self. I also want to continue exploring topics such as the impact of music on the construction of identity. Together with Black One, I hope to be involved in improving the cultural and artistic life of Berlin, Europe and this world. 

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