Personal Interview With Madux and Jerry From iXperience3 min read

Jul 11, 2018 | TEAM


Madux Middaugh: I am a visual design intern for Black One Entertainment.  My responsibilities include branding, content, and website development. I am helping establish consistency within Black One Entertainment while developing specific identities for its business divisions.

Jerry Wang: I am a technical intern for Black One Entertainment specializing in blockchain technology. I will be helping to design an employee stock option pool (ESOP) backed by code from Neufund, allowing the company to tokenize their employee investment.


Why Did You Join?

Madux: I chose to intern with Black One Entertainment instead of a number of other options because their vision resonated best with my interests. Black One Entertainment is the future of entertainment and a hub for progressive creativity.  I was eager to learn about the business end of startup companies and would rather be a big fish in a small pond than the alternative.

Jerry: Through a student program called iXperience, I found Black One Entertainment under a list of potential companies to intern at this summer. As a student with a coding background, I was looking for a more technical internship.

What stuck out about Black One Entertainment, however, was their mission of empowering entertainment artists, a field I think that many programmers never consider. A job is made significantly better when it involves contributing to something that truly interests you.


What Is Your Background?

Madux: I am an incoming third-year at The University of California, Los Angeles and study Design + Media Arts.  My skills include typography layout, interface design, graphic design, video editing, and branding.  I am proficient in Adobe Cloud software and have a history in fashion design.

Jerry: I am currently a rising sophomore (second year) at Duke University in the North Carolina in the United States. I am studying electrical and computer engineering as well as computer science.

This is my first summer in college and, as such, my first formal internship. I am capable of programming in languages such as Java, MATLAB, C, and Solidity, the latter of which came from the four-week training we received in Crypto and Blockchain through iXperience.


What Do You Think The Future Will Bring?

Madux: I am most excited about assisting Black One Entertainment‘s growth to fruition.  I have never had the opportunity to work for a company at such an early stage as Black One Entertainment and I have genuine faith in its future.  I think that in due time, Black One Entertainment will become the largest entertainment factory in Europe.

Jerry: I am very excited to be playing an integral role in the expansion of Black One Entertainment. This will be a chance to see my coding abilities applied to create something with genuine practicality.


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