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Black One Entertainment joined Most Wanted: Music (MW: M) for the first time this year, not only as attendees but as speakers. On the 7th and 8th of November, we joined a panel of industry insiders discussing the future of the music label.

What is Most Wanted: Music?

“MOST WANTED: MUSIC (MW: M) is the most important music business event in Berlin and since it’s launch in 2010, it has become one of the largest conferences for the professional music and creative industries in Germany. MW: M is organized by the Berlin Music Commission, the network of the Berlin music industry.”

The purpose of this event is to promote practical knowledge and expose individuals to boundary-pushing technologies at the forefront of the music industry. “The spirit of Berlin shapes everything at Most Wanted: Music, freedom of expression, doing it differently, and shaking the status quo”. We can confidently say that we met so many interesting people that all came together for one common reason; the love of music. It was so special to be surrounded by link-minded individuals who are all inspired and motivated to contribute to the industry that we all devote our time to.

Talks That Caught Our Attention

1. Smart Relationship Building In The Music Industry by Dr. Johannes Ripken

“Networking and the resulting strong relationships are regarded as an essential component of their success by successful people. Industries like the media and music business have to deal with a huge amount of content and information. In such an environment, networking becomes even more necessary in order to stand out from the masses.”

We can all agree to the fact that positive relationships play a vital and very important role in overall well-being. Dr. Johannes Ripken took this idea further by creating an application called Tamanguu. This application acts as a smart digital assistant tool for business networking and relationship management.

A successful career in the music industry cannot be achieved without the help of a strong network and valuable relationships.

2. State Of The Union – New Technologies For Artists And The Creative Industries by Cliff Fluet

Cliff Fluet is named in both Chambers & Partners and Legal 500 as a leader and expert in his field. He took the stage to explain to the audience where the music industry is heading and what crazy developments we can expect in the near future. He introduced a company that we found extremely interesting and sparked our imagination with regards to the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence in the music industry.

This company is called Rotor. Rotor uses proprietary A.I. and analysis to simplify the video creation process. It makes the process to create music videos a lot more affordable for artists without big budgets and also allows them to see the final product a lot faster. They have created over 200 000+ music videos since they have started.  You can have a look yourself at their website:

3. Labels Of Tomorrow – How Technology Is Changing The Music Industry forever by Karl Goedicke, Tom Niueweboer, Klaus Wilch and Muki Kulhan (moderator)

Muki Kulhan of Muki International moderated a panel joined by Karl Goedicke (BLCKCHN Records), Tom Nieuweboer (!K7 Records) and last, but not least, our very own CEO; Klaus Wilch. The panel was asked questions related to the “Label of Tomorrow”. The conversation ultimately involved the future of labels and how technology is changing what we know as a Traditional Music Label. A lot of interesting things were said and it was intriguing to realize that each panel member had their own opinion on the matter. Unfortunately, the time ran out with no final answer to the question! What do you think labels of the future will look like?

Most Wanted: Music was a great experience and one that we would love to return to in the future. Thank you Most Wanted: Music for bringing together a group of people with a love and passion for music!

Full video of the session here

Photos: Dan Taylor –

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