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Welcome to yet another important part of the “INSIDE BLACK ONE” series. The goal of this series is to give you an exclusive sneak peek into our approach and a better understanding of our underlying processes.

Additionally, you’ll learn how our approach is unique and radically new compared to the existing, rather “antiquated” structures and offerings for talent in the Western Music Industry.


So, what exactly is our approach?

Simply put, the Black One Approach is our internal “secret sauce”, “little black book”, or “manual” which summarizes everything from how we discover, develop skills, build long-lasting careers and personal & business legacies for the talent we work with.

It aims to be holistic and comprehensive, covering the full bandwidth of topics. Starting at: Talent Discovery all the way through to Training & Development, Content Creation, Psychological & Physiological Support, Mental Health, Social Media and many more topics.

A small glimpse into the upper layers of our manual:

We’ve included everything from “Success Formulas” to “Talent Toolkits” and even gone into penalizing detail on “Artist Roadmaps” for various character types. And, it’s still growing day by day.

Furthermore, the most important thing to highlight is that all of these things haven’t just been taken out of thin air.

All of our internal processes have been derived from existing successful systems that we’ve thoughtfully expanded and developed. Namely, the best practices from hugely successful K-Pop Entertainment conglomerates, professional sports leagues, and high-growth tech startups.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our culture and what our underlying values are, please feel free to read What Are Our Values And How Does Our Culture Work? in our media library.


Now that we’ve covered the Black One Approach, it’s time to understand the corresponding company architecture. 

At its core, Black One consists of three distinct divisions that form the so-called “Magic Triangle” (as seen below):

All divisions work in synergy and will, at some point in the lifecycle of an artist, collectively provide structure, guidance and support.



At Black One, we employ a strong and systematic product- and brand building approach. Talent is our most important “human asset” and what we invest into the most. And we invest in developing talent from an early stage on and not in trying to find close-to-finish artists or products.

However, our target isn’t just building widely commercially successful “products” and legendary brands, but first and foremost, well-rounded personalities and artists. Therefore, we separate the talent’s evolution and growth phases into 4 distinct stages.


Discovery: We aspire to discover the (raw) talent early on in their careers. In contrast, most labels want (close-to) finished products. We want raw talent. Discovery happens through our central audition platform www.blackoneaudition.com. Online auditions are possible at any time throughout the year. Big open calls are organized once a year.

If you can sing, dance or both, great. Head to the above link and feel free to upload your audition and let us get to know you.

Everyone must go through the audition and skill-assessment process.

The few auditions that are most in line with what we’re looking for are put onto our shortlist. From there we make sure to really get to know the person and character of the potential trainee deeply before we collectively decide on the next steps. But keep in mind that only a small percentage of auditions with the right character traits, mindset, potential and readiness progress to the next stage: development. After all, long-lasting success in any given field isn’t predicated on mere skills but more on innate mindset and character traits. Some things are born to an extent. Skills can be taught. However, character and mindset are the most difficult to change. Also, as a side note, we have a huge Vocal / Rap Contest coming up in a few weeks, stay tuned.

Development: This stage focuses deeply on holistically developing the raw talent and potential from the previous stage. We do so on location at Black One Academy inside of our Black One Campus. Here we provide vocal, dance, content creation and further special skills training by the best international mentors and coaches in the field; all within a systematic curriculum.

Of course, within the curriculum, adjustments depending on the skill level of the individual and overarching artist concept are made. Also, most importantly, this stage already focuses heavily on holistic psychological and physiological support.

Moreover, we believe that constant challenges and evaluations enable talent to reflect as well as monitor their progress. This is crucial not only to the talent’s evolution but also assists us in deciding if a longterm fit is a possibility. Anything learnt can of course also be applied in multiple other areas of your life. And we’re certain, that regardless of the end result, the whole experience will teach you some of the most valuable things you might ever have the chance to learn. 

Have a quick look at the “Artist Development Pyramid” which visualizes the full system:

Career: At this point, we’ve already built a close connection with the talent and vice versa. We’ve grown together to get to this stage and we’ve been able to really get to know each other’s characters, strengths and weaknesses. Naturally, the relationship now evolves into working mostly on more specific content creation, co-production, larger growth of the brand, and of course, management.

We focus on close care of a small roster and avoid huge impersonal rosters.

And never forget that even after your debut: your training never stops. At any given point in time, the artist still has the chance (and is encouraged) to work on maintaining their skills; evolving them even further. It is very important: any master should always work on the basics and also advanced techniques of their craft.

Business & Legacy: Our priorities are clear: we’ll always have our artist’s back. Ideally, we want the artist to be able to predominantly focus on what they’re best at and what they enjoy the most.

At this stage, of course, our team will have also already built customized businesses and brands around the artist. Ultimately creating epic experiences and products for their fans.

Creating long-lasting as well as dynamic careers, as a group, solo artist or both, is what we’re interested in. This is also a good spot for the “cycle of life” to come to a nice finish and to even start over.


Taking everything into account that we’ve just talked about so far. Let’s do a quick summary of what exactly the talent and artists (once debuted) can expect from us.

Many different aspects outlined here:

And let’s not forget that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Stay tuned, because in the future we’ll be releasing more information and further details on our approach and life at Black One.

In the meantime, head over to www.blackoneaudition.com if you think that you’ve got what it takes to become the next generation super idol. We’re very much looking forward getting to know you.

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