Black One Entertainment – Our Brand Identity [Explained]3 min read

Jun 9, 2018 | INSIDE BLACK ONE

Sometimes people ask us what our name ‘BLACK ONE ENTERTAINMENT’ means and where it came from. If you’re one of those curious few then keep on reading as we wrote up this post for you…


Colour & Meaning

First of all, our name is practically a word-colour-sound play. Where within our identity cornerstones are conveyed.

BLACK is a colour that communicates glamour, sophistication, mystery and exclusivity.

And according to colour psychology, black is a colour you take seriously. 

This is exactly what fits in line with us. We’re serious in what we do and value attention to detail and perfection. Furthermore, our high standards drive us to create the best and most premium content.

ONE stands for ONE VISION, ONE MISSION and ONE FAMILY. It deeply represents our culture. 

It’s nothing new that culture is the most important asset a company can have.

We love what we do and want everyone to enjoy working in creating the ultimate creative playground with us.

ENTERTAINMENT we aim to entertain big audiences and touching the imagination of many. Creating thrill for a global audience is our reason to exist.

And all in all, our name has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?


Lastly, the great thing is the versatility our name brings with it. This is because Black One is just the umbrella brand e.g. also all our divisions start with the obligatory BLACK ONE.

At the end of the day, we’re building ONE exciting, colourful and glamorous world together. Including exciting digital and physical products, breathtaking experiences and beautiful spaces for our “family”, audience and fanbase.  

 Stay tuned and get ready to experience BLACK ONE WORLD.

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