The Importance Of Having A Strict Code Of Conduct3 min read


What Most Don’t Realise

The entertainment business is a fascinating world with its shining celebrity artists and stars, busy managers and all the other cool looking creatives.

However, beware and don’t be blinded by all the glamour and apparent prestige because where there is light, there is also darkness. Unfortunately, recent discoveries, that also lead into the wide-spread #metoo movement have shown, that power by decision makers has been systemically misused over long periods of time.

We recognized early on, even before the height of the #metoo debate, that a strict and honest Code of Conduct would be of essential importance to ensure longevity and mutual trust.

We’re now officially releasing this strict document to the public; take a look at the complete Code of Conduct here. We truly believe that transparency is one of the key elements in everything we do.

Our Code Of Conduct

Given that we also work with a lot of young or even under-age people we take the utmost precautions to ensure safety and wellbeing. Everybody that is involved AT or WITH our Company has to sign this Code of Conduct and is legally and morally bound to abide. We do not tolerate offences against this Code of Conduct and even allegations or miss abuse of this Code of Conduct will be treated with equal seriousness.

Moreover, our Code of Conduct doesn’t just cover the topic of harassment but also topics like conflict of interest, fairness, honesty, integrity and equality without regard to gender, race, colour, creed, ancestry, place of origin, political beliefs, religion, marital status, disability, age, or sexual orientation.


Putting The Proper Systems In Place

Furthermore, we’ll establish a neutral Ombudsman system (for reporting or mediating any possible incidents), and close psychological care and a neutral coach/observer will be parts of the daily workings at BLACK ONE.

For the parents of yet minor/under-age trainees of BLACK ONE, we’re also at the start of establishing a parent’s organization & assembly, where all knowledge will be centrally collected to alleviate and solve any possible concerns regarding the well-being of their children. For example, there is a famous organization in the Netherlands doing exactly that for young/under-age star DJs & performers and we’re considering on working together in the future. More will be announced soon.

It goes without saying that for any field or any person. Be a professional. Behave like one. Follow greatness.

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