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What Makes Some Companies Really Successful And Grow For Decades?

It comes to no surprise that, in the end, it’s not just about the amount of money, apparent “groundbreaking technology” or something else you might find some “business insider” yapping on about that creates the upwards momentum any great company requires to make a change.

Stripping a business down to its core, it’s simply just about the people and the culture that they create and live by every day.

In its pure essence, culture is the single most important asset. It is the living soul and spirit of any company, team, organization or human being.

At BLACK ONE, we put the utmost importance on and all our effort into creating the right culture with the right people.

A thriving and genuine culture is what makes a place truly unique, fun and attracts the best talent, retains it and is also the best defence against any competitors. Yet another set of reasons that demonstrate the worth of investing time and effort into establishing such a unified workforce.

To sum up, our culture at BLACK ONE is a unique hybrid blend of Western and Far Eastern entertainment, management and marketing best practices infused with the speed, result-driven and agile best practices of high-growth startups.

Still sounding a bit unclear to you? No problem, read on…

What Drives A Great Work Culture?

Any culture is fundamentally rooted in and evolves with a set of defined values.

And any culture has to be nourished constantly and every member of this culture should strive to naturally live by this set of defined values every single day.

This basic set of defined values is then further developed into more specific parts. See our Code of Conduct, Action Guideline Sets, Protocols and Manuals. The full value set is accessible to only our team members and is found only in our official team member manual and knowledge database.

Here is a short excerpt of the Value Set that defines BLACK ONE…


AMBITION. We are ambitious. We long to become legends! No goal is too high. We want to be the best in the world. We want to work with the best in the world.

AMBASSADORS. Every member of our team is an ambassador and should always represent his- / herself at their best. Have a look at the Code of Conduct & Honour to understand more.

BRANDS. All we do is aim to build legendary brands. Artists. Products. Company. Ourselves.

BEST PRACTICES. We always aim to use best practices. Benchmark and study the best. Learn what is great and improve and develop your own best practices from there on.

BRAIN-OVER-MUSCLE. Work hard, smart and S.M.A.R.T.

CHANGE. We are open to people and to change. We reinvent ourselves on any given day. We make, break and repeat.

CURIOSITY. We are curious. Never lose your curious mind or inner child.

CREATIVE PLAYGROUND. We do best when we “play” and experiment.

DETAIL. Attention to Detail is of most importance. Perfection comes only from detail.

ENERGY & POSITIVE THINKING. Spread positive energy. Substitute negative language with positive language.

FAST & FURIOUS. Be fast. Slow is for beginners. Be furious about achieving.

FUN. After all have some fun. We are here on earth to have fun. Enjoy the process.

FRUGALITY. Do not waste money, resources or your or other peoples TIME.

GRATITUDE. Be grateful for what you have. Do not feel entitled to anything. Say thank you a lot and show gratitude not only in words but in actions and also small tokens of appreciation.

HONESTY & INTEGRITY. Be honest and do not sell your integrity.

HUMAN. We care about each other. That means that we are honest with each other and help others to become better. Be a warm person.

KAIZEN. Asian philosophy and concept that can be described as “constant improvement“. Work on yourself every day. Only then you can become the best version of yourself.

MODESTY. Know that no-one knows everything. Be modest. Self-confident but not arrogant.

LEGENDS. Aim to become a legend. No Guts. No Glory. No Legend. No Story.

SYSTEM. A good system will ALWAYS beat any other approach in the long run. Think about how to build a solid system that can work on itself and can be scaled.

TRUST. We must be able to trust each other. Never lose and disappoint that trust.


PATIENCE. Think and plan longterm, know that good results take time. A marathon is completed by many individual steps.

UNCONVENTIONAL. Think outside of the box and find unconventional ways to solve problems. Question the status quo. Be a “QUERDENKER”.

ULTRA-COMMUNICATOR. Become an ultra communicator. There is no over-communication, only bad communication.

WE ARE ONE. One Mission. One Vision. One Family.

YOUNG. Stay young and curious at heart. Be wild. Be untamed. Do not take yourself too seriously. Be humorous.


We truly aspire to live by these values each day and it is fundamentally what creates the joy to come in and work at BLACK ONE on a daily basis.

If you can identify with these values, great, join us in our endeavour!

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