Welcome to 2020 – Announcement & Recap3 min read


Welcome to 2020. A lot has happened and so much more will this year!

So have a look at the materials provided and find out how YOU can get involved.


Re-Cap and 2020 Outlook

2019 was a very successful year for us. We received widespread awareness for the Black One brand, name and what we’re offering to both young and established talent.

– We hosted a successful Vocal / Rap Contest 2019 with the biggest singing app in the world Smule and leading talent promotion site Stars Uncovered

– Our traffic has grown to more than 400.000 visits in 2019 with more than 12.000 applications from all over the world in the last year and this number is increasing day-by-day

– Hundreds of questions on Tellonym and enthusiastic comments via Mail, Instagram, Facebook have reached us and show the high demand for a new entertainment company like they only exist in Asia / South Korea

And behind-the-scenes we’re already testing different talent, but debuting anyone pre-maturely is not our focus. We’re putting the right amount of time and dedication to bring extremely talented artists to the market to succeed also in the long-term.

2020, will be even better, as we’ll finally start building the Black One Campus. We already have first renderings and video walkthroughs that will be released soon. And trust us, they are spectacular.

Moreover, Black One is also going big in the world of investments. We’re the second global Security-Token-Offering on the leading blockchain platform neufund.org giving everyone the chance to own a part in our company.


Important: From now on, this News & Media Section will be replaced in its function by our new Medium Blog and Twitter Feed, make sure to follow us there to receive all updates first-hand.

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About Black One Entertainment

Black One Entertainment, located in Funkhaus – Berlin, is on the mission to become the ultimate one-stop platform for talent in music and one big creative playground for talented individuals from diverse fields. Our DNA consists of best practices from the West and the Far East, especially from the K-Pop industry, high-growth startups, and professional sports.

Dubbed by insiders as a future potential “Rocket Internet for Music”, “Hogwarts for Future Popstars” or “Big Hit Entertainment of Europe”.

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