Wellbeing In The Music Industry: The Challenges Of Today4 min read


The Challenges We Face Today

Let’s take a look at wellbeing in the music industry. Today we face many challenges and obstacles that have a negative effect on our mental and physical wellbeing. From pressure to attain social media’s unattainable standards to the impact, those standards have on our mental health and general wellbeing. In the music and performing industry, the pressure to not only attain these standards but to be the trendsetters who actually set their bar is of an even higher threshold. We now experience an industry that even glorifies depression and anxiety and use them marketing drivers in order to drive sales.


How Are These Challenges Impacting Artists?

With all this weighted pressure closing in on performers, particularly when the talent itself is young, there is a high probability that it may result in artistic burnout or more pressingly, negatively impact the artist’s wellbeing and ultimately well-being in the music industry. This pressure comes from a myriad of sources and as an artist’s career progresses this myriad increases its span and grows far beyond expected.

We have seen this burn out destroy or taint many artist’s flames, from Britney Spears, Rob Kardashian, Demi Lovato, and the recent passing away of Mac Miller. Why is it that being talented and successful in the music industry has a direct correlation with artists not being able to deal with it in a sustainable and healthy way?

It can also be said that some artists have had personal issues before they were picked up by labels and moved their way forward in the music industry, but why aren’t they being helped? Instead, they are drained from every last bit of wellbeing they have left and spat out when they aren’t useful anymore.


Who’s Fault Is It?

Sadly, a lot has to do with the way that the industry is designed and the traditional structures that are in place that is causing a decline in wellbeing in the music industry.

This has a negative impact on the mental health of practically all parties involved in the creation of music. The pressure to deliver better and more successful work can be a daunting task. Artists don’t only have to deal with that, but also the strenuous cycles of going on tour. This makes it very difficult for individuals to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stability to figure out what they need in order to be happy from within.

The struggles and frustrations of artists are heard and seen in their music.  Some of the best superstars have birthed iconic lyrics when working through something emotionally. Nowhere is this more profound recently than via the hit created by Ariana Grande ‘Thank u, Next’ where she works through her heartbreak and trauma. Songs not only act as therapy but it tells a story, this is what makes us as fans relate and the masses adore.


How Can We Fix It?

Companies and labels should start taking proper responsibility for their artists and the talent that they oversee if wellbeing in the music is ever going to improve. There have been far too many cases for us to still be so nonchalant about the fact that people’s lives are being ruined due to lacklustre leadership and insufficient career advice. Leadership is one of the most important aspects if we are to improve wellbeing in the music industry.

Talent is best supported with top-tier facilities, support systems, guidance coaching and a promise to understand. Supporting talent through this sometimes-treacherous path is something that should be prioritized. These principles apply to any professional field. In order to experience and achieve long-term success, you need to first have the correct mindset and know yourself.

Modern integrated companies with a holistic approach to artist development work extremely hard to make sure that they deliver on this promise. Black One integrates these principles within their architecture and we are excited to show the different ways that it can be done in the near future.

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